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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nate Noy to Appear on 700 WLW Bill Cunningham Show

Cincinnati , Ohio

Ohio Second Congressional District independent write-in candidate Nate Noy today continued on the path of his anti-corruption campaign trail by announcing that he will be appearing live on the 700 WLW Bill Cunningham show this coming Monday, October 2nd at 1pm EDT.

Noy stated: "I appreciate the opportunity Bill is giving me to come on his show and speak the truth to the voters of the Second Congressional District. Bill is one of Jean Schmidt's friends and he had a good time at the expense of Victoria Wulsin last week. I don't anticipate that I will fall for some of the same traps he set for Vic."

Noy added: "It's a shame that the AMOS Project has opted to censor me from speaking Monday night at the Cintas Center. I'll have a few things to say about them on Monday. I also may drop my next Jean Schmidt bombshell while on air. In addition I will have a big announcement about Vic Wuslin. Regardless, I promise to be a very entertaining guest. If Willie decides to come at me I'll be ready. This is 'must listen' radio for every voter in the Second Congressional District."

Noy also provided detail about his upcoming television appearances: "I'll also be doing an interview with Channel 12 in the morning and I spoke with Fox 19 about my scheduled interview in the next week or so. Some people like the liberal shills at the AMOS Project continue to attempt to ignore my campaign. That is a shame because the only ones being cheated are the voters of OH-2 that deserve to hear my views. Jean Schmidt continues to hide out and Vic Wulsin and I have been attempting to address the issues, but given Jean's good buddies like the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board and other print media in OH-2 it appears the only way to share my message is by taking it to radio and television."

For more information regarding Noy’s upcoming appearances please contact the Nate Noy for Congress Committee campaign headquarters at 513-259-7782 or



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