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Friday, September 29, 2006

Project AMOS event a Complete Farce

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Second Congressional District independent write-in candidate Nate Noy today continued on the path of his anti-corruption campaign trail by informing the public that the Project AMOS event scheduled for Monday October 2 at the Xavier Cintas Center is “a complete farce.”

Noy who earlier in the day confirmed his appearances on Channel 12, Channel 19 and the 700 WLW radio Bill Cunningham Show for upcoming elections coverage had been working diligently for three days to be included in the Monday event. However, the events organizers Terry Brennan and Sue Morrissey have refused him access to the event. Noy stated: “I explained to these individuals that I am a certified candidate by the Board of Elections and that I have a FEC PAC. However, they will not let me speak to the public at their event.”

Noy added: “We all know that Jean Schmidt won’t appear in public, and for once she may have a good reason to avoid an event. AMOS looks to me like a shell for progressive liberals. I assume Sherrod Brown, John Cranley and Vic Wulsin will get up on stage and promote their pro-homosexual, anti-guns, and pro-abortion agendas. No wonder they want to exclude someone like me from this type of event. I’m not afraid to speak the truth and will tell it to anyone. Only the Gestapo and left-wing fanatics have a history of censorship, so AMOS must be aligned with one or the other.”

For more information regarding Noy’s findings please contact the Nate Noy for Congress Committee campaign headquarters at 513-259-7782 or



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful Nate Annoy. You obviously don't know the candidates you malign.

We have the screen shoot and you will have to answer to the OEC !

No frivolous claims here, phony man !

Hey, did you get that press release and resume' in sync ?

Pathetic !


11:14 PM  
Blogger usefullidiot said...

why should he be carefull? Is the Soros guestapo waiting out side his home in a big black benz limo?
you progressive commies are all the same. Freedom of speech until YOUR ox is being gored.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate, a couple things.

Is that a federal facility? What kind of office does Jean Schmidt hold? How would someone be accessed "clearance?"

Think about it pal.

3:16 PM  

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