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Monday, September 25, 2006

Where was Nate Noy on May 2nd?

Where was Nate Noy on May 2nd?

By Nate Noy

Matt Hurley over at today posed a number of questions and comments to me that I will take the time to respond to.
(1) Where was I during the May primary?

On May 2, 2006 I was still working for IWLA a non-profit trade association as Director of Government and Legal Services. I resolved 15 issues for members of our association regarding UCC Article 7, I had a conference call with OSHA to discuss the IWLA / OSHA Alliance, I also was working on our lobbying effort for H.R. 1956 the Business Activity Tax.

(2) Why did I not raise my Jean Schmidt issues in May?

I had a 65-70 hour a week job and did not yet know the truth behind Jean’s corrupt origins involving Larry Householder or her long history of lying.

(3) Where is the media coverage on Jean’s plagiarism?

It’s coming Matt. Today I spoke with the papers that ran her original story and you can expect some subsequent follow-up from those that have been duped.

(4) Am I helping the conservative cause?

RINO’s are destroying the party. They should go ahead and put a D behind their names because that’s what they really are. We need to purge them from the Party. Look at the corruption, it’s caused by the RINO’s NOT the true conservatives. This party needs to return to what Ronald Reagan did for it in the 1980’s; anyone that stands in the way should become collateral damage, including of course Jean Schmidt. For long-term success this is EXACTLY what I believe the party must do.

We can purge the RINO’s Matt. If that means a few years of electing progressive liberals then so be it. The Party needs to reclaim its conservative base. Working with the Blue Dog D’s this war can still be won.

Matt people like you can go a long way in helping this cause. By supporting someone as corrupt as Jean Schmidt you allow this party to be further hijacked into the liberal abyss.


PS When elected you can bank on the fact that I’ll never have a ghost-writer craft one single word for me. I earned my own BA in Economics, JD and MBA. I believe in John Locke and the Constitution, so I don’t need someone putting words in my mouth.


Blogger Matt Hurley said...


I appreciate your wanting to get involved and I can certainly understand your desire to do so. I've been involved in a number of races to unseat incumbents, so I also know the mountain that you are trying to climb.

I am also a voice for reform in the Ohio Republican Party. Conservatives need to realize this though: there is no way we win in Ohio without our "moderate" friends. All a purge does is hand over power to the liberals. What I have been advocating is convincing the party structure that conservativism is right for Ohio. It will be a long, hard journey...and we are going to have to support some "impure" conservatives along the way.

As for this specific race at hand...I have been completely unconvinced and unimpressed by the evidence shown against Jean Schmidt. I'm not Jean Schmidt fan, but I realize that she's the candidate and that good Republicans need to stand up for her because we are at war and we must retain control of the US House of Representatives. Why? Because if the Democrats gain control, and there is a possibility that this may actually happen, Congress will be swept up in to investigations and hearings about the war and we'll see articles of impeachment against President Bush. Do you want that on your conscience? I know I don't...

4:10 PM  
Blogger LargeBill said...


Continuing with Matt's point, Schmidt is the Republican candidate because she won the Republican primary. Congressional terms are only 2 years in length. If she is truly unsuited for the office it will show. Challenge her in 2008 and fight on the issues. You're not going to win over voters arguing about how long it took her to run a marathon a decade ago or arguing that two congressmen using the same party talking points write identical editorials equals plagarism. Explain to the primary voters how you would vote differently on legislation, etc. Good luck either way. You can't win my vote as I live in a different district.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Nathan "Nate" Noy said...


The conservative R's can unify efforts with the Reform; Constitution; America First; and Libertarian Parties. There are still more conservatives in this country than progressive liberals that have never taken an Econ 101 course.


11:04 AM  

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