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Thursday, September 28, 2006

OH-2 Voter: “Jean Schmidt is a WITCH”

Portsmouth, Ohio

Ohio Second Congressional District independent write-in candidate Nate Noy today continued on the path of his anti-corruption campaign trail by releasing comments he recently heard from a Second Congressional District voter regarding Jean Schmidt. While on the campaign trail Noy encountered an OH-2 Ohio resident who is a likely voter. When asked what he thought about Jean Schmidt, the voter responded that “That woman is a witch.”

The voter explained to Noy that he had met Ms. Schmidt and she was “the most unpleasant person I’ve ever met, she’s a witch.” The voter said he was waiting to gain access to a local facility and Schmidt arrived and attempted to circumvent security protocol. Schmidt requested immediate access to the facility and was denied. She responded by saying: “Do you know who I am?” The security guard responded: “I don’t care who you are lady, you are not getting into this facility without clearance.” The voter said that Schmidt went into a rant and tirade demanding immediate access.

Nate Noy had the following to say about Schmidt’s conduct: “This report comes as no surprise to me. They don’t call her ‘Mean Jean’ for nothing you know. Schmidt is an elitist, as is her evil twin sister Jennifer Black. When I was at the OEC last month all they did was tell stories about who had box seats at the Reds and who had ridden in the pace car at the Indy 500. These people think they are above the normal rules of society. This is simply another clear example of that attitude.”

Noy went on to state that: “This reminds me of Jean’s sworn testimony to the OEC in April. She stated: ‘I don’t know why I would even want to have a website at this point.’ Jean think she’s so far above the rest of us that she doesn’t even need a website, since obviously ‘everyone’ will vote for her. I’m confident on November 7, 2006 that the voters of this district are going to send Jean a proverbial wake-up call and dose of a new reality when we send her along with: her fake college degree; her previous votes to ban guns and raise taxes; and history of low moral standards packing from the halls of Congress.”

For more information regarding Noy’s findings please contact the Nate Noy for Congress Committee campaign headquarters at 513-259-7782 or



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