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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Key Difference Between a Conservative and a Liberal

By Nate Noy

We all make mistakes in life, how we deal with the repercussions of our own actions is a reflection to the world of the strength of our character and morals. This is often the defining line that separates a liberal from a true conservative in our society.

I have observed that most liberals are hatemongers. They throw around accusations and never fess up when they make a mistake (which they often do.) On the flip side when a true conservative makes a mistake they will always say "I screwed up, and I'm sorry."

Case in point, the recent exchange between Chris Finney and David Pepper. Long story short David who is rumored to be a closet homosexual (he has a pink website, is 34 or so years old, has no girlfriend and lives in his parent's basement) and who is heir to a $100 million family fortune printed some derogatory things about Chris in his plan to improve Cincinnati City government. Chris is a well respected attorney in the community and NOT running for office like Mr. Pepper is. Chris is a well known ultra-conservative, a working man and someone that employs a number of people in the community.

Mr. Pepper held a so-called press conference to unveil his "plan" that essentially included calling Chris a crook because he has a business relationship with Mr. Pepper's opponent. I believe around six people attended including one newspaper and one radio reporter. Anyway, Chris was upset and went into a tirade and used a few expletives directed at Mr. Pepper and his female assistant during the conference. The press blew the story up and slanted a story to make Chris look like a world class (insert your own expletive here.)

Yesterday Chris called everyone involved, admitted he'd gone overboard and offered a heartfelt and sincere apology for his actions. That's what a true conservative does!

I don't remember many examples in history of liberals apologizing when they are wrong. Why? Because the mission of the liberal is anarchy. The liberal movement is inherently evil. Its mission is to decay the moral fabric on which our society was built. The founding fathers would likely have considered many of today's liberal movements just short of treason if this were 200 years ago.

Earlier today someone told me: "Nate I can't support you. Your platform is too 1950's." I am fine with that. I have said on numerous occasions that NOT EVERYONE should vote for me. Liberals have no business supporting me.

If you are wondering, I met Chris Finney in August of this year. We have spoken a few times and even though I don't know him very well I can tell you Chris Finney is a great American. I sent him an e-mail asking for advice a few weeks back and he responded that my duty was to:

(1) God
(2) Family
(3) Country

And in that order. I agree with Chris. And can you imagine what our society would look like if we all prescribed to that worldview? Just think about THAT for a minute.



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