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Thursday, October 05, 2006

House Ethics Committee to Investigate Jean Schmidt Next?

Mason, Ohio

"Finally" were the words spoken late yesterday by Ohio Second Congressional District independent write-in candidate Nate Noy on the path of his anti-corruption campaign trail when informed that the US House Ethics Committee had broken its longstanding bipartisan agreement to ignore obvious violations of the US House Code of Ethics by its members.

Noy stated: "When Jean Schmidt was reprimanded for a 'reckless disregard for truth' and making 'false and misleading statements' by the Ohio Elections Commission in April she also violated Rules 1 and 2 of the US House Code of Ethics. I've been sitting back and waiting for the House to finally begin enforcement of these rules once again."

Noy added: "Jean Schmidt was found guilty by the OEC for lying about her fake college degree. Then she tried to cover it up by blaming it on a web developer. Subsequently we uncovered the PROOF that she began this lie when she first ran for office in 1989. The US House Ethics Committee will have little choice now but to take a close look at these indiscretions by Ms. Schmidt. Ironically, if Jean opts to attempt to lie to the Committee she would violate a federal statute that makes lying to the Committee a federal crime and she would face a 5-year federal jail sentence."

Noy who holds a JD also offered a prediction on Ms. Schmidt's likely penalty from the Committee: "I fully expect Jean Schmidt to be expelled from the US House of Representatives. However, this entire process does take a few months. If Jean somehow wins the election in November I expect OH-2 to be holding a special election by January to replace her. Jean could make this easier on everyone by simply completing her current term and dropping out of this race."

In closing Noy added: "The reason I was forced to run as a write-in candidate this time was the State of Ohio ballot laws that were actually found to be Unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in late August. Even though I am a certified candidate by the FEC and Board of Elections my campaign still faces an uphill battle as a write-in. If Jean somehow wins in November, the public can rest assured that my name will actually appear on the ballot in January when there is a special election to replace Jean after her expulsion from the US House."

For more information regarding Noy’s findings please contact the Nate Noy for Congress Committee campaign headquarters at 513-259-7782 or



Anonymous si said...

You are a truly a disgrace to the Second District. You honestly whole heartedly believe that the House Ethics Committee will expel a member of Congress for mistakes she made on a campaign website, which wasn't even made by her? You're out of your mind.

Better news for you all: Nathan Noy has retained access to a website designed for College and High School students, that's right High School, and has used his "profile" to harrass 18 year old girls. Mr. Noy, we all know about your wonderful degrees, does this mean you like to use them to ridicule and look down upon 18 year olds? A young lady right out of High School?? Is this how you spend your free time?? How about you wait for a real debate, which you'll never get because you're not a for real candidate.

I don't have the message yet, a friend of mine has it and wants to provide it to me, but I can't wait to show you all the disgrace this man is to anyone even claiming they're running for Congress. And these so called "press releases" which are pretty much just your thoughts, are ridiculous as well.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous si said...

Piketon, Ohio

Nathan Noy is laughed at by the entire state of Ohio for losing his complaint against Congresswoman Jean Schmidt unanimously. Noy showed up with no witnesses, no eveidence, and was driven by his father.

Even more laughable and pathetic, Noy saw the Congresswoman's sister and asked to make her testify because he thought it was the Congresswoman. This proving that Noy has had very little experience in the world of Ohio Second Congressional District Politics.

When Si, a Columbus elitist, was asked about what he thought he said this. "Surprised? No. He had nothing to go with in the first place, he was probably set up by some Cincinnati chronies to pull this stunt. Noy will have no credibility from this point on in the State of Ohio."

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't honestly believe that the House will really investigate her, do you? While most all of us would agree that the vast majority of our elected officials lie, most do not get caught by the board of elections. Even with that I still do not forsee her cohorts giving her the boot, not even if the Dems were to gain control of the house. Unfortunately she seems to be fairly entrenched in her seat, unless re-districting or a really solid and well funded challenger shows up for the next primary. The sad sack that the Dems have put up this time couldn't beat either of my grandmothers, one of whom is dead and the other has alzheimer's disease. And while I applaud Nate's efforts, he doesn't have a prayer as a write-in.

10:19 PM  

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