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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jean Schmidt Votes to Raise Inflation and Unemployment Rates

By Nate Noy

Yesterday 233 Congressional Democrats and 82 Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) voted to raise the federal minimum wage; an action that anyone with even one college level economics course realizes will lead to a major jump in both the rates of inflation and unemployment in the US.

Only 116 Republicans stood their ground: in Ohio this included Real Republicans: John Boehner, Steve Chabot, David Hobson, Jim Jordan, and Pat Tiberi. This also means that a number of so-called Republicans failed their base and allowed an action that will result in dire consequences on the US economy.

Ohio-2 RINO Jean Schmidt’s Yes vote should come as no surprise to anyone. Schmidt who’s college transcript became a matter of public record in April when she submitted it in her defense of her fake college degree conviction by the Ohio Elections Commission has taken Intro to Economics at least four times in her life, apparently she needs to take this course at least one more time to even begin to comprehend what she just became a part of.

This woman tries to pass herself off as a “conservative.” I wonder if any of her SOB shills like Bizzyblog, Viking Spirit and Matt Hurley can find a way to justify this vote by Schmidt?

Perhaps next year when unemployment is at 8-10% and it costs $4.00 for a gallon of milk a Real Republican will be able to hold Schmidt accountable for this vote by trouncing her in the next OH-2 primary. I also hope that anyone that considers themselves a “conservative” will begin to call for the heads of RINOs like Schmidt and Deborah Pryce.

There is no hiding from this vote Jean.



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