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Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Jean Schmidt Scandal Anyone?

By Nate Noy

This one is going to sound pretty far fetched but the investigation is UNDERWAY.

As many people remember on September 7, 2006 the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC) held a hearing in the now infamous photogate case. Barry Bennett, Joe Braun, Peter Schmidt and others were there to support Jean. However, one other person was there as well, can you guess who?

Here is a link to a picture of Jean Schmidt and her evil twin sister Jennifer Black: LINK.

Not exactly identical twins now are they?

When I arrived in Columbus I thought I saw Jean sitting there waiting for the case to begin. I pulled Joe Braun aside and he told me that this was Jennifer NOT Jean.

When John Craig from the Cincinnati Enquirer arrived he also thought Jean Schmidt had made the trip to Columbus, in fact he even mentioned it on the Politics Extra Blog: LINK.

Jon wrote: "Schmidt's twin wister, Jennifer Black, was seated on the white couch. She introduced herself. I was not alone in briefly mistaking her for the congresswoman from Miami Township. Noy asked Schmidt's attorney, Joseph Braun, if he could question the congresswoman, since he, too, thought Schmidt herself had made it here today from Washington, D.C."

The Enquirer also reported the fact that a Hollywood film crew was there to tape the proceedings: LINK.

Here's where it begins to get interesting. That day on the House Floor Jean Schmidt cast 6 votes, as noted on the Washington Post website: LINK.

The hearing did not end until almost 4pm that day.

Here's your punch line: Jean Schmidt was in Columbus, Ohio the entire day on September 7, 2006, hence she could NOT have been in DC casting votes. Therefore, Jennifer Black was on the House Floor that day.

Here's how we PROVE it:

(1) We have footage of Jean in Columbus.
(2) CSPAN has footage of Jennifer in Washington.

We are in the process of getting the CSPAN footage. What do you think happens to Jean and Jennifer now?

Jail time for both and expulsion from the House for Jean just for starters.

Sounds pretty crazy I know. But Jean Schmidt is the ONE person in the world that is psychotic enough to attempt to pull a scam like this off.

When this story breaks keep in mind where you heard it first.


PS Special Election Anyone? (Of course the House can save us all the trouble and go ahead and certify Dr. Wulsin as our Congresswoman.)


Anonymous Schmidt Hater said...

Sorry bro, but I don't get it.

You're saying that you have PROOF it was Jean Schmidt in Columbus?

How? Where?

And most importantly, why?

It makes no sense. I know the difference between Jennifer Black and Jean Schmidt. So just show us what you have.

If you have footage of Jean in Columbus during the time she was allegedly casting votes in D.C., then show us the footage and PROVE it was from that time period.

Otherwise, spare us all the drama.

There will be plenty of scandals involving Jean Schmidt in the next two years (assuming she beats Wulsin), so I don't want anyone diluting the juicy scandals with a whole bunch of frivolous ones.

Know what I mean?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


anNoy, your 15 minutes passed months ago. move on kid.

3:24 AM  

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