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Monday, November 06, 2006

Purge Jean Schmidt: A Final Reminder

By Nate Noy

Odds are I will not win the election tomorrow, there is always Divine Intervention, but that's what it will take at this point. However, I truly hope that when the votes come in I AM the difference between Jean Schmidt winning and losing this election.

Jean Schmidt is a RINO or Republican In Name Only. For the Republican Party to survive long-term ALL RINO's MUST BE PURGED. Anyone that does not embrace the concept of Supply-Side Reaganomics is NOT a fiscal conservative and has NO BUSINESS in the Party. Jean Schmidt is responsible for the highest tax and spending increases in Ohio history under the corrupt Larry Householder and Bob Tax regime.

Jean Schmidt also has voted to Ban Guns, support Fidel Castro, lied about a FAKE college degree and refused to show up at any of the 10 or so candidate debate and forum events where Victoria Wulsin and I debated over the last three months. Jean's attitude was that she is above ALL of US and we OWE her our votes.

Jean even took money from USEC to support bringing a toxic waste dump to MY HOMETOWN.

Send Jean a message tomorrow. If you are a liberal vote for Vic Wulsin. If you are a conservative write-in Nate Noy. Moderates should weigh the issues and make up their minds. I have posted all of my positions on my campaign website:

I will say for sure that even though I do not share an ideology with Vic Wulsin I DO TRUST HER. I also KNOW that I CAN BE TRUSTED. Jean Schmidt can NEVER be trusted, she is a LIAR. NO ONE in Ohio-2 should EVER vote for Jean Schmidt. Let's send her back to her Clermont County for good!



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