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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jean Schmidt’s Vote to BAN GUNS Exposed

Piketon, Ohio

Ohio Second Congressional District independent write-in candidate Nate Noy today continued on the path of his anti-corruption campaign trail by exposing Congresswoman Jean Schmidt as an enemy of the 2nd Amendment. Noy posted his findings on his website

Nate Noy stated: "No true protector of the 2nd Amendment would EVER vote in favor of a GUN BAN. The right to bear arms is a fundamental and Constitutional right of Americans that protects law abiding citizens from criminals. When we take away the right to own a gun we open ourselves up to more criminal acts. Progressive liberals and people like Jean Schmidt seem to miss the point that when you ban guns the crack dealer down the street is NOT going to march down to the local police station and hand his over without a fight. We don't have car jackings or home invasions in places like Adams, Brown or Pike Counties, because if some criminal tries that around here they will get SHOT. Take away our guns and the nation will be a proverbial free-for-all for the criminals and the terrorists."

Noy added: "The fact that Jean Schmidt previously voted to BAN GUNS is my primary concern here. It's already been established that she is a political puppet. In 1991 she thought banning guns was ok. Then she hooked up with other corrupt politicians and decided that she could milk the gun lobby for money and win votes by pretending to defend the 2nd Amendment, this makes me physically ill. What happens if the ACLU or some anti-gun lobby decides to pay her more money for her vote? Or heaven forbid what happens if there is a public backlash against the rights of gun owners because of things like the recent school shootings? If her puppet masters tell her that she'll win votes by banning guns it's pretty obvious she'll flip-flop without a second thought."

Noy also explored an underlying issue to this latest discovery into Schmidt's past: "How ironic is it that Jean's buddy is the one that lobbied Miami Township to overturn this ban? The article clearly implies that Jean pulled some strings to get this ban overturned, to me this is corruption in action."

Noy closed by stating: "Jean Schmidt does not possess her OWN theory on the role of government. Anyone that flip-flops on such a critical issue as the 2nd Amendment can NEVER be trusted by anyone. I vow to NEVER under ANY circumstance vote against the 2nd Amendment. In fact I believe a number of the laws we currently have on the books are unconstitutional and I will work aggressively to have those laws overturned when elected."

For more information regarding Noy’s findings please contact the Nate Noy for Congress Committee campaign headquarters at 513-259-7782 or



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate. You have children. Do you really want it to be ok for them to be playing in a park when people are allowed to have guns there. Are you going to work tirelessly to allow people to have guns in schools, banks, government buildings, and other insitutions where guns have no place? Why are you so concerned with carrying around guns in public place. How does Brinkman, Chabot, Boehner, and the Reform party feel about having guns in public parks? Also, for concealed carry, are you allowed to have guns in parks? Did Brinkamn vote for that?

Just to let you know, I won't vote for you if you really feel as if people should be allowed to have concealed weapons in public parks. I will personally follow you around wherever you campaign if you think they should be in schools.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Nathan "Nate" Noy said...

GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE! Hatred kills people. If we ban guns and there is a subsequent rash of murders with baseball bats are you going to ban them too?

Guns protect people from criminals. And criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get their guns no matter what the law is.

As far as schools are concerned there should be an armed officer at every building. And no kids do not have any business taking guns to school.

The other key point here is that Jean's friend Collin Rink was successful in overturning Jean's previous gun ban. Let's get her on the record and see what she has to say about that.

And for the record I would feel much safer in a public park knowing that law abiding citizens have guns there to protect us from the criminal element. Remember, a criminal by definition will have his or her gun at all times, no matter what the law is. Do you really think someone selling crack really cares about an illegal gun charge? I think NOT!

2:08 PM  

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