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Friday, September 15, 2006

Batavia Ford Plant Closing – An MBA Analysis

I am blogging today's press release from my campaign.


Batavia Ford Plant Closing – An MBA Analysis

Batavia, OH

Ohio Second Congressional District Nathan Noy provided a chilling message regarding the recent decision by Ford to close down the Batavia, OH plant. Noy who also holds a MBA and a BA in Economics stated “I believe this closing is a sign of things to come in the US economy, I believe this specific decision can be traced to a number of factors, two of which stick out more than others.”

Noy elaborated further: “I have been predicting a rapid erosion of the US middle class and blue collar jobs for some time now. The US needs to take immediate steps to levy significant tariffs on foreign imports and project jobs such as the ones we have just witnessed being lost.” Noy even referenced our founding fathers: “The Constitution was written with this kind of thing in mind. Even 220 years ago the need to protect our jobs was obvious. Global competition only works when there is a level playing field, and other countries such as China and Japan do not have to operate under the same regulatory standards as US companies do. If elected I pledge to protect American jobs and introduce legislation to add significant tariffs to foreign goods, just as the framers of our great Country intended.”

Noy also said: “Another issue that led to this specific problem is actions by those of our current ‘esteemed’ Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. Companies such as Ford rely heavily on brand image and equity. Ms. Schmidt’s recent decision to purchase a $47,000 Chevy Tahoe sent a clear message to Ford and to the public at large. By going with Chevy Ms. Schmidt increased the likelihood that others would follow her lead and purchase a non-Ford product. Clearly Ms. Schmidt does not grasp the concept of branding and has little or no concern for protecting the jobs of the residents of Southern Ohio.”

For more additional comments Candidate Noy can be reached at 513-259-7782, or via e-mail at



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