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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Proof Jean Schmidt was Larry Householder’s Puppet

I have been accused of whining about Jean Schmidt and “not living in the real world.” In fact when I filed three complaints against Jean Schmidt et al with the Ohio Elections Commission last Friday Barry Bennett responded to a local paper by saying: “He (Noy) doesn’t live in the real world,” he said. “He’s taking a real risk entering into the legal system. There are real repercussions for people that file false accusations.”

My response to Mr. Bennett is:

(1) Since “no body lives there” (reference made by Nixguy towards Pike, Scioto, Adams, and Brown Counties regarding McEwen’s victory in the May primary) it does not surprise me that Mr. Bennett does not consider Pike County the “real world.” I can assure him that I am very much grounded in the reality of the issues that face not only the voters in the four rural counties but all of OH-2.
(2) Mr. Bennett should have checked my bio before firing off a comment about me “entering into the legal system.” I’ve been here since I was representing indigent defendants back in 1997 (although I did take a few years off from the arena) when I obtained my law degree.
(3) I agree that there are in fact “real repercussions” for those who file frivolous claims, something I did not do in this case. However, what Mr. Bennett will soon find out this there are even harsher “real repercussions” for people who not only break the law, but actually commit elections falsification by fabricating excuses to the OEC under sworn testimony (like he did back in April.)
(4) I will be filing three more complaints tomorrow to bring the grand total to six. The most-nasty one for Jean and her crew is the fact that I have the 1989 Clermont Sun that included “the candidate’s responses” and Jean listed “two college degrees.” Oops! In April and May they continued to break ORC 3517.21 when they went on TV and claimed it was a “web developer’s mistake.” The same lie they told to the OEC. Unless Al Gore and Jean had the same web developer in 1989 I think that charade is over.

Now the topic of the post. Check out this WCPO I-Team report from April 2002:

The above details how the Householder scheme worked and names some of the people he recruited. This is captured in a taped conversation from Chief of Staff Brett Buerck for the Ohio Speaker of the House Rep. Larry Householder when he tried to strong arm poor Doug Mink out of the ’02 primary. It includes:

“13:18 So, that's how are relationship with Jim Raussen originated. It's no different than our relationship with some other State Reps in the area. You may know now, like a Jean Schmidt, like a Tom Raga in Warren County and the Speaker went on the road all throughout the winter and the summer of 1999. 13:42 Got folks to run on what essentially was you know, kind of a Team Householder platform and then 13:50 my company started working with these individuals we ran their races and on Primary Day of 2000 we won 26 of the 28 races we were involved in.”

I hate to toss Raga’s name in with this, but the evidence is the evidence. Perhaps Ken needs to find another running mate?

By the way the OEC has delayed the probable cause hearing until 9:00am on August 24. I was more than happy to waive the time period required given the magic date involved for the hearing.

As I have been saying all along:

Proverbs 20:17 "Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel."

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Peace and God Bless,

Nate Noy


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